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Real News 

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To start your career as a television news reporter/anchor, you must have a powerful resume tape. You have to be able to show a news station what you can do as a television journalist.  The Los Angeles Reporter's Clinic (LARC) resume tape has helped more people start their dream careers in broadcasting than any private service in the United States, thanks to our powerful demo reels. 

The secret - real news.  Take a look:

Corley Peel landed her first reporter job just two days after completing her LARC reel! 


At LARC, you will cover real news in and around the Greater Los Angeles Area. You'll report from the scene of breaking news, celebrity red carpets, protests/demonstrations and much more. You'll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the top broadcasters in the United States.




LARC students often cover stories that make national news.  With major stories on your resume tape, you're more likely to impress a news director with your real-world experience and skill.


 Join more than 200 LARC graduates who have landed jobs working as reporters, anchors and hosts around the world!


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 Real Stories


 All LARC students will have their stories appear on CNN iReport.*  Because your stories are real news, CNN and LARC are now working together to get your stories as much exposure as possible.   Click here to see a LARC journalist reporting for CNN iReport.

Your resume tape should include interviews you conducted while covering stories.  It should show you asking questions, interacting with people and working the scene. At LARC, our reporters have interviewed a wide variety of people, including former Presidents, A-list celebrities, business and political leaders and much more.


If your  resume tape doesn't include the elements seen and/or mentioned above, you are at a real disadvantage when it comes to landing your first on-air job. 


 You can be sure, news directors prefer to see real reporting experience over phony resume tapes designed to fool them.  Wouldn't you?

  Our reporters are currently reporting and anchoring around the country.  They've started in markets as large as New York City, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

It's time you start living your dream.  Call today to sign up and start your career as a reporter.

 *Only applies to classes completed after June 1st 2012.  Student option.

Real Success


CNN anchor/reporter Pamela Brown landed her first reporter job

with her LARC resume tape.


ESPN First Take's Cari Champion landed her first reporter job thanks to her LARC 






 FOX Business News anchor Shibani Joshi landed her first reporter job with her LARC resume tape.


 BD Freeman hired as host for VH1 shortly after making his LARC resume tape.


LARC has helped more reporters land their first on-air job than any other resume tape service.

 No one has a longer list of verifiable Success Stories than the Los Angeles Reporter's Clinic.