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LARC Flight and Hotel Information - Included for Premium Students and Express Students!  Sign Up Today: Call Now To Sign Up: 800-883-8702  


 The Los Angeles Reporter's Clinic is the only resume tape service in America that has always provided flight and hotel accommodations for our students. 


This benefit saves you hundreds of dollars.  Every LARC student qualifies for the flight and hotel package after payment in full is received for the class.

If you don't need the flight, you can subtract $350 from you total cost.  All students must stay in the LARC hotel, so there are no hotel discounts. 

 Please read the flight and hotel information carefully.  If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to call or send LARC your questions on our Contact Page.










 LARC Flight Program

 LARC students typically fly into the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or the Bob Hope Airport (Burbank).

Flights are booked for the first day of your class until the last day of the class.  Arrangements can be made to book flights that arrive a day or two before the class and depart several days after the class.  Students would have to pay for additional hotel costs.  See LARC Hotel column for more details.

 Students are responsible for travel arrangements to and from the airport when arriving and departing.  LARC recommends arranging shuttle services before your flight. 

Once the ticket is purchased, the flight can not be changed.  Please make sure the dates you choose for your class match your personal schedule.  

If the dates MUST be changed after a flight ticket is purchased, the student would have to purchase another flight on their own. 


 LARC Hotel

All LARC students must stay at the LARC approved hotel in Simi Valley.

The Grand Vista Hotel is one of the premium hotels in the area.   Click on picture to visit the Grand Vista's website. It includes lots of amenities and luxury that will make your stay a pleasurable one.  

While LARC books your room for the day the class starts until it ends, most students choose to check in the day before the class.  The student is responsible for paying for the extra day, but LARC can get a major discount for the students.  

Rooms can cost up to $150 a night, but LARC can reserve your extra night for as little as $60.